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C27 is a one-of-a-kind PJOELL DESIGN 3-bedroom villa nestled 50 meters above the Mediterranean Sea of Northern Sardinia. It is part of a residential community developed in the 60s with the visionary concept of sustainable and organic construction that harmoniously blends into the wonderful coastal environment. Set in a perfect spot with fantastic views over white beaches that line up towards the southern tip of Corsica, the house itself needed a new exterior & interior design as well as a thorough renovation with lots of technical upgrades .

C27 was originally designed by celebrated engineer and architect Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia in 1975.  PJOELL DESIGN completely remodeled C27 together with the Sardinian Architects Valter Satta & Marco Zacheddu and created a mid-century summer home decor concept to breath new air into an old gem.

We originally created the PJOELL DESIGN cushions  for the summer home decor of a mid century coastal villa in northern Sardinia.

These top-quality cushions with their vivid colors and bold patterns celebrate modern in- and outdoor lifestyle full of joie de vivre.

The arrangement of mid century modern furniture with matching cushions from true in time original vintage fabrics creates a unique nonchalant atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.


We designed guided paths in and around the house and optimized the interior to create a truly open floor plan. The newly designed living room became the hub for all areas. In addition, the refined graphic patterns of sophisticated, yet delicate, mid century modern furniture create elegance and establish International Style.

With our mid century summer home decor concept we created an independent look and feel; a style that stays true to the era in which the house was built, and at the same time adds modern design and a genuine touch of luxury.

We combined the typical look and feel of Mediterranean houses with an open floor plan and an interesting, modern mid century summer home decor that makes this place stylish and comfy as a favorite jeans.


We decided to use cushions as vivid color splashes. Not just a few cushions here and there, but many cushions and in vivid colors as a design elementThe design cushions we had in mind for this mid century summer home decor had to be unique and of very high and luxurious qualityThe colors and patterns had to capture the hopeful spirit and joy of the 60s and 70s we wanted to keep alive when redesigning the house. 

The feedback on the special look, feel and touch of our mid century style cushions was so overwhelming, that we created the PJOELL DESIGN cushion line and now make our cushions available to others.


The task was to find throw cushions out of original, true in style vintage fabric to perfectly match mid century modern furniture. We went in search in different directions, but quickly discovered that cushions with the patterns, colors, fabric qualities were nowhere to be found. Our research for original decorative fabric from the mid-century finally led us to small textile stores in Italy, Spain, England and Germany, where we discovered residual bales of new, original fabric designs from the 60s and 70s – of a quality that is hardly found today. From these rare original fabrics we had the signature cushions for C27 custom made.

Our signature PJOELL DESIGN Mid Century Modern Throw Cushions with their luxurious materials, bold looks and stylish hues are the perfect solution to give any modern home a fresh and timeless touch.

Axis from backyard to patio with ocean view with Pjoell Design cushions.


The amount of original vintage fabric that matches our criteria is limited. And those fabrics are not produced anymore. Consequently and similar to an art edition our cushion line is limited as well. Our cushion editions are very exclusive and range from sometimes only 2 to max 50 units per style.

Unlike in many coastal houses, we have largely renounced blue tones for our summer cushions. Instead we contrast the teal of the sea with bold colors from the orange family.


For powerful color accents we started looking for what beautifully contrasts with the blues of the sea and the skiesOrange, the complimentary color to teal creates the best contrast. Thus, colors from the orange family became the defining tones for our design cushions.

All tones in the orange family such as peach, corals, tangerines, grapefruits, pumpkin or tea rose provide great contrast. Even tomato, yellow and warm greens work well in a modern summer home decor.

Wherever you place our cushions, they not only add color and coziness, but above all joie de vivre and good vibes.

PJOELL DESIGN cushion line bold designs and colors


Strong colors set accents and attract attention. Mid-century colorful and stylish pillowcases from PJOELL DESIGN made from rare, vintage fabrics create a happy summer feel.

The mix of colors and shapes, old and new, design classics and art produces a unique look and feel for any mid century summer home decor.


Surfaces, colors and textures interlock and compliment each other to an independent look and feel. And our throw cushions create the perfect colorful accents in any mid century summer home decor.

Pjoell Design Cushions look great in the Mediterranean, but, of course, they are the perfect mid century style statement for your home also.


In summer life shifts outside. There are places where you sit with family and friends and of course you need places where you pursue your own interests. All these places need comfort and colorful accents that make them attractive. And that’s exactly what our pillows do.

PJOELL DESIGN C27 white hammock with PJOELL DESIGN cushion Jonas 40x60cm Simon 30x50cm and Moritz 40x40cm

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